Best Disney World Hotels

The Best Disney World Hotels For Families on A Budget

Welcome home! Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Disney Vacation Member, deciding where you and your companions want to stay at on property can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, I have created this list to give you some guidance to help manage and prioritize the chaos of your vacation planning!

Planning a Disney World vacation does not necessarily have to break the bank. With a few different budget-friendly accommodation options available, families can enjoy the magic of Disney World without spending their entire life savings.

Come along as we explore five budget-friendly options among the best Disney World hotels, guaranteeing families an unforgettable and affordable stay!

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

5. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Combine a Disney vacation with the tropics of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Along the shores of Barefoot Bay, this resort offers families a taste of island paradise with its colorful architecture and relaxed atmosphere. Experience the influences of Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, Aruba, and Martinique!

Guests can choose from standard rooms with vibrant Caribbean-inspired décor and modern amenities, providing a comfortable retreat. It seems that guests’ largest room option is a standard room, which sleeps four adults, with an addition of a fifth sleeper. This fifth sleeper is a child-sized bed and is a pull-down. Additionally, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort offers preferred rooms with convenient proximity to transportation and dining options, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. Keep an eye out for the new Little Mermaid inspired rooms as well!

Do you enjoy the flavors of the Caribbean? Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has you covered! Centertown Market offers a lively marketplace atmosphere with a variety of delicious island inspired dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are looking for a taste of island cocktails and tropical treats then head over to Banana Cabana, the resort’s poolside bar and lounge. And for a truly immersive dining experience, don’t miss the family-style Caribbean cuisine and entertainment at Sebastian’s Bistro, where guests can savor those island dishes in a waterfront setting.

Looking for the pool? Guests can enjoy pools like the Spanish fort inspired Fuentes del Morro Pool, stroll along Barefoot Bay’s sandy beaches, and relax amidst swaying palm trees. The resort also offers recreational activities, including Movies Under the Stars, fishing, beach volleyball, and a playground for the kids.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort offers a tropical paradise where families can escape the ordinary and immerse themselves into the beauty of the Caribbean. With its island-themed accommodations, dining options, and fair choices of recreational activities, this resort offers perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and affordability!

Coronado Springs Disney

4. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Our pick at number four, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, sits along a beautiful lakeside oasis and blends influences from the Spanish, Mexican, and Southwest American cultures extremely well.

This property is obviously rich with history and culture and transports guests to a world that is full of vibrant colors, incredible details, and timelessness. From the grandeur of the Mayan pyramid to the serene waters of Lago Dorado, it seems as if every corner radiates a sense of a Spanish getaway.

At Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, guests are treated to a variety of room options designed to cater to different preferences and needs. The resort offers standard rooms with modern amenities and furnishings, providing a comfortable home after a day of fun in the parks. For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, Disney’s Coronado Springs also features suites that offer additional space and upscale amenities, perfect for families or guests looking to enjoy a more spacious stay. Additionally, the resort offers preferred rooms which give guests the convenience of proximity to transportation and dining options.

Empty stomach? Reward your taste buds with a journey through the flavors of the Southwest and beyond at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. From casual dining options like the El Mercado de Coronado, serving up a diverse menu of international and American cuisines, to a more upscale dining experience at Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood, offering breathtaking views of Walt Disney World Resort. If guests are looking for sports bar, Rix Sports Bar & Grill is also an option! I am a lover of sports so I had to be sure to add that in. Guests can also enjoy refreshing beverages and light bites at the resort’s lounges and pool bars, which delivers a relaxing experience for everyone. Between the mix of flavors and cuisine choices, dining at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort should be a highlight of your stay!

We all know that a vacation at Disney World can be exhausting, but don’t worry this resort has a nice choice of recreational activities and amenities. Take a dip in one of the three resort’s themed pools, including the stunning Lost City of Cibola Pool with its towering Mayan pyramid and water slide. For those seeking relaxation (aren’t we all?), the resort offers peaceful walking paths, scenic jogging trails, and rejuvenating spa treatments at the spa and gym. And for the kids, the resort features a children’s playground and video game room.

Disney’s Coronado Springs also offers its guests a painting experience where you can connect with your inner artist. Or maybe guests want to create a custom mosaic during an art workshop in the Dahlia Lounge. Regardless, there is something for everyone in your family to do on the resort!

Disney’s Coronado Springs offers a combination of luxury, adventure, and relaxation, making it the perfect budget-friendly resort for families coming to Disney World! Families will leave here feeling that they definitely got their money’s worth!

All-Star Movies

3. Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Lights, camera, action!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is where the magic of the silver screen comes to life. Guests will find this resort right in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort, which offers an immersive experience inspired by various Disney movies.

Currently guests have a small selection when it comes to rooms. The resort offers standard rooms that are both comfortable and budget-friendly, featuring Disney theming and modern amenities. If you have been reading the previous choices then you know about the preferred rooms. Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort’s preferred rooms give guests the option to opt for convenient access different amenities and transportation.

Step onto the red carpet and into the spotlight with this choice of resort. From movie icons to beloved Disney characters, it seems as if every corner of the resort is filled with details that will make movie buffs and Disney fans alike quite the happy guests. Whether you’re posing for photos with Buzz Lightyear and Woody or marveling at the larger-than-life Dalmatian puppies, the resort’s theming is sure to make guests feel like a star.

Lights, camera… dining? Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort offers a variety of dining options to defeat just about any craving. Grab a quick bite at the World Premiere Food Court, where guests can enjoy a wide selection of delicious entrees, sides, and desserts with a classic cinema-theme. From juicy burgers and pizza to incredible pasta dishes and fresh salads, there’s something for everyone to dive into. And for those looking to relax and unwind, the Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar offers a selection of refreshing beverages and cocktails to enjoy by the pool.

Need to keep the kids busy around the resort? Make a splash in one of the resort’s themed pools, including the Fantasia-themed pool, which features a huge Sorcerer Mickey statue and interactive water play area. For little ones, the resort also offers a children’s playground and arcade, providing endless hours of fun and entertainment. You might not even need to go to the park! I’m kidding of course!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort brings the silver screen to life with its themes and iconic decor. Whether you are a movie lover, a Disney enthusiast, or seeking a fun-filled vacation, this resort offers families an experience that will leave them feeling like a star, within a budget of course!

Pop Century

2. Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Number two on the list is probably one of my personal favorites due to the theming. Take a step back in time and experience the nostalgia as Disney’s Pop Century Resort pays homage to the cultural milestones of the 20th century. Guests get the privilege of experiencing a captivating journey through decades past.

The resort is divided into distinct sections, each representing a different decade from the 1950s to the 1990s. From colorful motifs to retro furnishings and memorabilia, Pop Century captures the vibe, as the kids say, of each era with charm and attention to detail. There is a theme for everyone to enjoy whether it is the Fabulous Fifties or the Groovy Seventies!

As for your home during vacation, this resort offers standard or preferred rooms, each with an option of a pool view, the choice is yours. However, these rooms do provide comfortable accommodations with modern amenities, making them perfect for families of four, couples, or solo travelers.

Fuel your craving of nostalgia with a decent variety of dining options at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. The resort’s quick-service dining location, Everything POP Shopping & Dining, offers a diverse menu of classic comfort foods, from breakfast platters to yummy sandwiches and sweet desserts. Guests can also enjoy poolside snacks and refreshing beverages at the resort’s pool bar, Petals!

Recreational activities and amenities are a little lackluster compared to other resorts, in my opinion. However guests can cool off in one of the three resort pools like Hippy Dippy Pool, a 235,000 gallon pool in the shape of a flower. Jump on the Disney Skyliner which offers amazing views while it transports guests from one location to another. Particularly, the Skyliner can bring guests straight from the resort to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT! For the kids, the resort features a marshmallow roast area and of course, a playground. Guests can also explore the resort’s jogging trail, arcade, and gift shop, making sure that families have plenty to do throughout their stay.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort provides guests with an escape through the decades, blending themed accommodations, rooms, dining, and activities for a truly memorable stay. Are you wanting to cut costs without sacrificing experience? This is the resort for you and your family!

Disney's Art of Animation

1. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

This is where the world of animation comes to life, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort! Guests are easily immersed into the universe of Disney and Pixar animation.

The theming and decor of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is simply a celebration of artistry and storytelling of Disney and Pixar. From beloved classics like “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid” to modern favorites like “Cars” and “Finding Nemo,” each section of the resort dedicates itself to a different animated film. Guests could find themselves strolling through the African savanna, exploring an underwater paradise, or cruising down Route 66, as they are sent to the worlds of their favorite animated movies!

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers a decent lineup of unique room options designed to immerse guests in the magic of animation. The resort features standard rooms with colorful decor inspired by the beloved Disney film, The Little Mermaid. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort also offers more spacious suites that can accommodate up to six adult guests. These suites feature sleeping and living areas, as well as convenient amenities like kitchenettes, making them perfect for extended stays or guests looking for added comfort and convenience. These suites come with options of different theming as well, such as: Cars, The Lion King, or Finding Nemo! Between its range of room options and enchanting theming, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort promises a magical stay for guests of all ages!

Disney’s Art of Animation lacks in the department of dining options, in my opinion. However, that does not take away from the deliciousness that is offered here! The Landscape of Flavors serves up a very wide selection of American classics, with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The wide selection allows for multiple visits though, which is a positive. The Drop Off Pool Bar is also available for those snacks during pool time, or ice cold beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers a few activities and amenities to ensure there is something for guests of all ages to do. If you are looking to stay active while on vacation (if there isn’t already enough walking for you) then there is a scenic jogging trail where guests can enjoy a leisurely run. The kids have the option of playing on the playground or trying their hand at some video games within the Pixel Play Arcade. Of course there are some pools to enjoy as well that provides plenty of fun in the sun! As night approaches guests can also gather under the stars and enjoy beloved Disney films in the open air!

The Disney Skyliner that I mentioned above is also an option at this resort. So guests are able to easily travel to and from their room to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT!

They also used to offer animation drawing classes for guests to take part in, however, as far as I know they have ceased those for now. They might pop up on the calendar again at some point, and if they do then you have to take part!

Our Conclusion

In the end, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort offers a one-of-a-kind vacation experience that celebrates artistry, creativity, and storytelling of Disney and Pixar animation. It easily tops the list due to its value-packed accommodations, theming, convenient location, and amenities, making it the ultimate choice for budget-conscious Disney goers seeking a trip that will not break the bank.