Best Restaurants in Disney Springs

The Top Guide to The Best Restaurants in Disney Springs

Welcome home! Are you looking for some time away from the hustle and bustle of the Disney parks? Maybe you want buy more Mickey Ears and enjoy some delicious food. If you did not know, Disney Springs is the place to go for plenty of unique dining, shopping, and entertainment options!

After you’ve shopped ’til you dropped, Disney Springs has over 60 mouthwatering options to pick from – because even the most dedicated shopper needs a refueling break!

Be ready to feast your eyes (and your tasted buds) on my top ten best restaurants in Disney Springs!

T-REX at Disney Springs

Flickr: Matthew Paulson

10. T-Rex Cafe

Take blast to the past, around 200 million years in the past, to the Jurassic Period! This one is more geared towards the kids, however that does not mean you can’t enjoy the atmosphere as an adult! The entire establishment comes alive around you as you dine, whether it is the animals or nature at work! By the way.. beware of the dinosaurs.

The menu features many American favorites such as burgers, chicken, and steaks. If you are feeling extra hungry you could try to defeat the Megasaurus Burger which is a Mammoth version of the Bronto Burger. Both are the typical American burger with the typical toppings, nothing special really. T-Rex also offers a selection of seafood such as Sunset Isle Salmon or Fish-N-Chips. Do you want some pasta? T-Rex has that too! They offer various raviolis and alfredo to choose from that will certainly scratch that pasta itch for you.

With T-Rex being more geared towards the children the kids’ menu is plentiful with choices from corn dogs and chicken strips to pizza and macaroni. The little herbivores have an option too in the Plant-based Nuggets.

If you are looking for good food and a fun time for the kids, then T-Rex is probably the best choice for you! Dine while you are reminded of the incredible creatures that once roamed the Earth, and maybe even over the exact spot you are dining at!

Jaleo in Disney Springs

Flickr: Matthew Paulson

9. Jaleo

This is where the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of Spain come to life in Disney Springs. You will feel like you have been transported to the streets of Madrid as you experience the wonderful cuisine of Spain.

The reason we are all here, the food. Jaleo offers an array of traditional Spanish dishes that will leave you wanting more. The menu spans a wide selection of choices from fine Spanish cheeses and sandwiches to seafood and various meats. For a starter a good choice would be Patatas bravas, which is fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce and alioli. Personally, I would have to say a solid main course choice would be Carne asada con piquillos confitados, which is a 6oz. flat iron steak on top of confit piquillo peppers. Every dish here truly feels like a celebration of Spain’s rich culinary heritage!

The drink menu at Jaleo features many Spanish wines, beers, sherries, and sangrias. Is rum something you enjoy? Then I would recommend the Castaway Old Cuban, which is a pineapple rum with lime, Cava, mint, and sherry vinegar. Maybe you want to keep it simple with a Spanish lager in Estrella Dramm or Mahou. Either way there is a drink for everyone on the drink menu at Jaleo!

Round off your dinner with an array of Spanish desserts like Pan con chocolate (chocolate custard with caramelized bread) or Tarta de queso vasca (Basque goat cheesecake). If you are a lover of pineapple then you have to try the Piña Borracha, which is a compressed pineapple with mint and lime-rum syrup. That may not be a dessert that you are used to, but it is highly recommended to try out!

If you are dining with friends, family, or fellow travelers and looking to experience the flavors of Spanish cuisine, Jaleo invites you to do just that! Jaleo provides a great atmosphere to indulge in good food and the creation of long lasting memories.

¡Buen provecho!

Wine Bar George in Disney Springs

8. Wine Bar George

Are you a self proclaimed wine connoisseur? Wine Bar George may be the place for you! There is wine and.. more wine. The establishment aims to be an estate-style wine bar that also serves food. They have mastered both, trust me.

The menu here is on the smaller side. The biggest feature is an array of charcuterie boards and small plates, such as House-Made Meatballs or Crispy Mac & Cheese Bites. Individually when it comes to main courses you have two choices in a Grilled Ribeye or Pan Seared Chicken Breast. Wine Bar George also offers two options in family style plates which features Skirt Steak with roasted potatoes or Grilled Whole Greek Sea Bass with roasted brussels sprouts. I personally enjoy the Grilled Ribeye with mushroom bread pudding, which also comes with some turnips. Nothing beats a steak paired with a nice drink!

Wine Bar George offers over 200 wines on their award-winning wine list! Yes, you read that correctly, 200. The range of options span from the upcoming wineries to the very well-known ones. There is absolutely something for every wine nerd here, from the reds, to the whites and the dry, to the sweet. Every option is available by the glass, bottle and ounce, so the choice is yours!

If you are looking for something a little more sweet after a fine wine and dine, then Wine Bar George has you covered. Take a choice between Pumpkin Fritters or an Apple Strudel to round off your night and send you home satisfied. Olive Oil Cake is a popular choice as well. I have not had it so I can’t vouch for it, however I have heard very good things about it!

In the end, if you are looking for a place to satisfy your wine desires or looking to have a memorable evening then Wine Bar George may be the choice for you. So raise those glasses and cheers!

STK at Disney Springs

DeviantArt: TheStockWarehouse

7. STK Orlando

Steak, steak, and more steak! STK is not like your typical steakhouse that you would expect. This establishment is upbeat, sleek, and modern with its interior, which feels quite sophisticated and luxurious. STK is massive in size and other than the main dining room, offers an indoor fire pit lounge and a rooftop terrace!

What sets STK apart from the other restaurants in Disney Springs is the expansive selection of steak! I counted over 15 different options for you steak lovers to choose from (myself included)! The steak is pretty pricey, but very much worth it. The menu features anything from a standard rib-eye to a 34oz. Dry-Age Tomahawk. If steak is not your go-to then there are a few other options for you like ribs, salmon, lamb, or chicken. STK also features a raw bar that is home to oysters, and crab. However, I highly recommend that you go with one of the many steak choices and reward those taste buds!

The drink menu at STK offers a pretty large list of wine from all over the world which would go perfectly with your steak! Maybe this time you want to be a little more adventurous and explore the cocktail menu. Try sipping on the award winning Spiced Watermelon made with Patrol Silver Tequila. Whatever drink you decide to order, will end up being just as delicious as it is Instagram-worthy!

Just like most places the dessert menu at STK is pretty standard, however you have to try the Bag O’ Donuts! They are covered in cinnamon sugar and come with three options to dip them in: raspberry, dulce de leche, or spiced chocolate. So good!

If you are looking for a steakhouse that is luxurious, but keeps the upbeat spirit with a DJ in the main dining room, then this is definitely a top choice for you. The sizzle and sophistication of STK surely would not disappoint!

Paddlefish at Disney Springs

6. Paddlefish


Welcome aboard! Enjoy a fine dine aboard a reimagined steamboat on Lake Buena Vista that gives guests a 360-degree waterfront view. Guests have the option of indoor seating, or even rooftop seating that offers incredible sunset views on those nice summer evenings! Paddlefish is your one stop shop for anyone that is craving some amazing surf and turf! From the fresh seafood to juicy steaks, every dish seems to be a masterpiece of true culinary craftsmanship.

Starting your meal off right would be ordering an appetizer like, Calamari or Crab-topped Fries, which are both huge favorites! Paddlefish excels in seafood therefore the menu is extensive in that department. Anything from a simple Shrimp Cocktail to Whole Maine Lobster to the Catch of the Day, Paddlefish has the surf covered. As for the turf, Paddlefish offers a 16oz. Rib-Eye, Filet Mignon, or even a Pork Chop. The steaks are absolutely mouthwatering and amazing! Personally, I am a fan of the Shrimp Pasta which is a linguine paired with Florida Rock Shrimp, tomato, asparagus, and crab broth!

Paddlefish offers an impressive selection of craft cocktails, international wines, and beers. There is plenty to choose from to compliment the flavors of your dinner. Whether you choose a glass of Chianti Classico or the Lili’s Steamboat Breeze, I am confident that you will be impressed with your choices!

The dessert menu here is pretty standard and nothing super special. However, I would recommend New York-style Cheesecake, which is covered with farm fresh strawberries. You can never go wrong with a cheesecake!

Go make a splash over at Paddlefish and get your fix of surf and turf!

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

Flickr: FrankHPhillips

5. Morimoto Asia


Morimoto Asia takes guests on a ride through the cuisine of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. If you are looking for a modern Pan-Asian inspired dinner then this may be the choice for you. Be sure to look up when you enter, you won’t want to miss those 20-foot-long chandeliers!

The menu has favorites from all over Asia which include Peking duck, sushi, ramen, and various meats. For the spicy food lovers, go with the Sapporo Spicy Miso Ramen. It features roasted duck, pork belly, beansprouts, sesame, scallion, egg and noodles in a pork bone broth. It is quite the palette pleaser! The menu also is home to ribs that have a sweet chili glaze that smells amazing, and looked even better! The Pork Egg Rolls are great too so maybe grab those as an appetizer!

The drink menu offers the typical bar options, however there are some Japanese beers, Asian inspired cocktails, and Sake to choose from as well. I am not a fan of Sake so if you go to Morimoto Asia and try any, let me know which ones are worth recommending!

I know it is hard to think about dessert sometimes after a fulfilling meal, but hear me out. The Yuzu Pie. Yuzu is very popular in Japan and tastes like a mix of lemon and mandarin orange with other citrus flavors. It is essentially the Japanese version of key lime pie, if I had to make a comparison. There are a few other options to choose from too such as, mochi, churro, or a chocolate parfait.

I feel like I should mention that Morimoto Asia does not offer the typical kids’ menu. The options for the little ones are orange chicken, noodles, or rice. So if that is a deciding factor, may be skip out on this choice.

Morimoto Asia offers an elegant and refined dining experience while also delivering the flavors of Asia. So if you love Asian cuisine then this would be great option for you and your party to try!

The Edison at Disney Springs

4. The Edison

The era is now the industrial 1920s, so stop by The Edison and have an electrifying dining experience (no pun intended). The Edison is specifically designed to look like an electric company from the 1920s which is a very cool and unique take on the theme!

The menu at The Edison is made up of classic American cuisine. Burgers, steak, ribs, chicken, and salmon are the bulk of your options and you seriously cannot go wrong with any of the choices. I must point out the signature burger, The Edison, which is a beef blend of sirloin, short rib, and brisket. The toppings are white cheddar, smoked bacon, onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and a special sauce. The special sauce is in close resemblance with Thousand Island salad dressing, not to ruin the surprise. I would argue this is probably one of the best burgers you can find at Disney Springs! If you are extra hungry then maybe the massive 14oz. New York Strip Steak served with potato wedges would be a choice for you!

The drinks. What drinks? Its the prohibition era. They don’t have any! I am obviously joking, The Edison offers an impressive menu of wines, cocktails, beer, and everything in between. Maybe sip on The Edison which is a combination of bourbon, brandy, honey cordial and some lemon juice, while you devour your 14oz steak!

The dessert at The Edison is a small selection, but amazing. Your five choices are sorbet, gelato, cheesecake, chocolate cake, or a lemon meringue pie. Bright Lemon Deep-dish Meringue Pie would easily be my top pick here, not many things can beat it. That could also just be the nostalgia of my childhood speaking too.

If you are looking for some classic American cuisine that can please just about everybody in your party then The Edison would be a great choice! Let The Edison illuminate your evening with its unique blend of innovation and culinary excellence!

Raglan Road Irish Pub

Flickr: Rusty Clark

3. Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Dia dhuit!

Let’s take a dive into a location where the spirit of Ireland comes to life in Disney Springs!

The moment you step into Raglan Road, it is like you are transported from Florida straight to Ireland! This lively pub and restaurant showers its guests with not only amazing food, but also with live traditional Irish music and dancing!

When it comes to the food, Raglan Road draws inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of Ireland. The menu features an array of great dishes such as the favorite classic Fish and Chips, the Shepherd’s to Die for Pie, or Braised Be Beef. Personally, the Fish and Chips are a favorite for good reason. The dish is a huge beer battered filet of North Atlantic cod served with chips (that means fries for us Americans). It would be hard to divert from this choice any time that I decide to visit Raglan Road, so I highly recommend it! If fish is not something you enjoy then maybe go for the beef short ribs that I mentioned earlier which are served with mash potatoes, roasted broccolini, sugar snaps, and carrots!

This is also your chance to take a toast inside an Irish pub! Raglan Road has an extensive alcoholic beverage menu as well. They have you covered from Irish beers and whiskey to Irish specialty cocktails. Nothing screams Irish more than a pint of Guinness with your meal.

However, what is an Irish meal without some of Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding? Make sure to grab an order of this and top off that Irish experience. Trust me, try it!

Make a stop at Raglan Road and embrace the Irish way!

chef art smith's homecomin disney springs

2. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Bless your heart and butter your biscuit.

Whether you are a lover of Southern food or you just want to try some good Southern food, this is where you need to go!

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ serves up that southern comfort food and hospitality that you haven’t experienced since being at your Grandma’s house. I mean from the moment you step into the establishment you are hit with the smells of all the southern favorites being cooked up in the kitchen.

The menu here is a Southern food lover’s dream come true. From Art’s signature fried chicken to the baby back ribs, every dish is absolutely packed with flavor. A dish that I think is worth trying out is the Braised Short Ribs, which is essentially a pot roast. The tender beef short ribs are served over garlic mashed potatoes with roasted carrots. I’m craving some as we speak!

If that did not get your mouth watering then maybe some dessert will. A huge favorite among guests is the Hummingbird Cake, a pineapple-banana cake with cream cheese frosting. This slice of cake is also served with some vanilla bean ice cream. If you are looking for a real Southern choice then I would go with the Chocolate Pecan Pie, which is said to be a 100 year old Smith Family recipe! There are a few more options to choose from as well, such as a Hot Fudge Bourbon Brownie, or handcrafted Everglazed Doughnuts!

So if you are looking for a taste of home or a visitor wanting to experience the Southern cuisine, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is the place to eat.

Get ready to embrace the Southern hospitality!

The Boathouse Great Food, Waterfront Dining, Dream Boats

Flickr: magicalfantaicism

1. The Boathouse

Great Food, Waterfront Dining, Dream Boats

The Boathouse is a huge favorite among Disney-goers, but it is easily my favorite eatery within Disney Springs!

This restaurant has a prime location right on the waterfront. Nothing feels more inviting than the feeling of a gentle breeze off the water combined with the views of Lake Buena Vista. This atmosphere is a perfect compliment to the dining experience you are given.

However, don’t let the views steal the show. The Boathouse is renowned for its seafood and incredible steaks. Each dish is prepared in a way to deliver a flavor that you won’t forget! At least I didn’t!

I must mention the Filet Mignon Sliders and how AMAZING they are. These bite-sized tastes of luxury are not talked about enough, in my opinion. The tender filet mignon is placed on a soft brioche bun served with maitre d’Butter and the flavors are otherworldly. You get three of them and they were pretty filling, despite their small size. My party got various different things, however, another stand-out is the Grilled Mahi Tacos. If a tropical inspired fish taco is your kind of thing, then you know what to order!

As far as the alcoholic drinks, there is plenty to choose from. Indulge yourself with anything from classic craft cocktails to vintage wines, and everything in between. A hugely popular choice with many guests, and my party, was the Duck Duck Razz. This drink is a combination of Stoli Razberri, Peach Schnapps, Blue Curacao, and Lemon Juice that is topped with a little yellow rubber duck. Yes, you read that right a small yellow rubber duck will be floating about your drink!

There is one thing that makes The Boathouse particularly unique. Before or after your dining experience, you can take an amphicar tour! They have vintage cars-turned-boats that you can climb aboard and get a one of a kind tour of Lake Buena Vista! I cannot speak on the tour itself since we did not take part in it, but it seems like it would be fun!

Overall, everyone in my party absolutely loved The Boathouse. Everything from the atmosphere, service, and food was incredible. We will definitely be making more visits!