Club 33 Disneyland

Disney’s Club 33: A Hidden But Unique Gem

As someone that has been lucky enough to be a visitor of Disney World for over two decades, I’ve experienced nearly every nook and cranny of the happiest place on earth. However, among all of Disney’s treasures, there is one that stands out with an aura of mystery and exclusivity: Club 33.

What is Club 33?

Club 33 is not just any spot within Disney; it is a secret sanctuary that many have heard of but few have seen. A lot of people compare it to the likes of a country club, but more. Sitting in the heart of New Orleans Square in Disneyland, California, with its counterparts spread across various Disney parks globally, this elusive club has intrigued many for awhile now. Club 33 is a place where elegance and Disney’s enchantment intertwine, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary park visit. Just the way Walt wanted it.

The Origin

The inception of Club 33 is as enchanting as the stories woven into every Disney ride. Created in 1967 by Walt Disney himself, the club was intended to be a secluded spot for entertaining investors, dignitaries, and celebrities away from the overwhelming crowds. The name “Club 33” is said to come from its address—33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square—or from the original 33 sponsors of Disneyland. Despite the ambiguity surrounding its name, the allure of Club 33 is undeniable.

The idea was inspired by the VIP lounges at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, leading Walt to envision a similar retreat within Disneyland. Unfortunately, Walt Disney passed away in December 1966, before Club 33 officially opened in 1967. Club 33 remains a tribute to Walt’s vision of providing a luxurious, private space within the park.

The Exclusive Membership

Becoming a member of Club 33 is as elusive as the club itself. With a rumored waiting list of several years and a membership fee that could rival a small treasure chest, Club 33 is the epitome of exclusivity. It is said that nowadays you must be referred by a current Club 33 member as well! Yet, for those who are lucky enough to join, the benefits extend beyond the walls of the club. Members receive premium park passes, reservations for Disney’s most coveted restaurants and hotels, and invitations to special events not open to the general public.

In 2024, membership fees are rumored to be around $75,000 upfront with an additional $25,000 in annual fees. These numbers are obviously subject to change depending on type of membership (business or personal) and other factors.

Where is Club 33?

The original Club 33 lounge is located at Disneyland, as I mentioned before, however Disney has expanded to other locations. In 2018, Club 33 came to Walt Disney World starting off in Hollywood Studios before placing locations in Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT as well. The current locations are as follows:

  • Disneyland – New Orleans Square
  • California Adventure – 1901 Lounge
  • Magic Kingdom – Captain’s Quarters in Adventureland
  • EPCOT – Constellation Club in the American Pavilion
  • Hollywood Studios – The Hollywood Brown Derby (second floor)
  • Animal Kingdom – Harambe House
  • Disneyland Tokyo – World Bazaar (second floor)
  • Disneyland Shanghai – Mickey Avenue

Beyond the Velvet Rope

What makes Club 33 truly special, however, is not just its exclusivity or the perks that come with membership. It’s about being part of a legacy that Walt Disney himself created. It’s a celebration of imagination, innovation, and the enduring power of storytelling. It’s a place where the magic of Disney comes to life in its most refined form, where every visit feels like coming home to its members.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, Club 33 may be shrouded in mystery and exclusivity, but its spirit is emblematic of what Disney stands for: a place where dreams come true, and the impossible becomes possible. For those of us who have grown up with Disney, visited its parks, and dreamed its dreams, Club 33 represents the pinnacle of one’s Disney journey. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to experience it!