Countries in EPCOT

A Guide to the Countries in EPCOT’s World Showcase

If you have ever wanted to take a tour around the globe without ever needing a passport, then journeying around EPCOT’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World Resort would be perfect for you to do! As one of my favorite sections in all of Disney World, the World Showcase features pavilions from 11 different countries, each carefully designed to capture that particular nation’s architecture, landscapes, culture, and cuisine. Here’s your quick guide to all the countries in EPCOT’s World Showcase, ensuring you make the most of your visit to this multicultural experience!

Mexico EPCOT


  • Highlight: The grand Mesoamerican pyramid that is home to a lively marketplace which is themed as a Mexican village within. The pyramid is also home to the San Angel Inn Restaurante, and the Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros! Make time for this small ride if you can as my family and I really enjoy it! This entire area is an easy escape from the heat too.
  • Must-Try Food: Grab some authentic tacos, nachos, or churros, which all go perfect with a Frozen Mango or Lime Margarita from La Cantina de San Angel!
  • Unique Souvenir: If handcrafted pottery or silver jewelry is something you enjoy then plenty can be found within the marketplace located inside the pyramid! I also remember seeing sombreros, Mexican style blankets, and artistic things like colorful calaveras.
Norway EPCOT


  • Highlight: Most people, including myself, would say the ride Frozen Ever After is the major selling point for this pavilion. I definitely recommend taking a ride through Arendelle with the cast of the iconic movie, Frozen! I go over the ride in more detail here: Best Rides at EPCOT
  • Must-Try Food: Stop by Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe and get some School Bread. What is it? Don’t worry about it, you will love it. But if you must know it is a sweet roll that’s filled with custard and dipped in coconut. Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe has many other great treats to try and you will find something you enjoy, I promise!
  • Unique Souvenir: This is your spot to find that Frozen-themed merchandise or even traditional Norwegian clothing. Maybe you or your companions need a new winter jacket. A lot of the clothing products here are from Helly Hansen which is a company based out of Norway.


  • Highlight: The serene gardens and ponds are some of the best parts of this pavilion. However, do not skip out on the Circle-Vision 360° film Reflections of China! If you have time and find it to be interesting, pop in and take a view.
  • Must-Try Food: Stop by Joy of Tea and try the pork egg rolls or one of the many different options of Chinese tea that they have available.
  • Unique Souvenir: Here you can find a lot of different Chinese trinkets, tea sets, ornaments, or even authentic chopsticks. Something cool that you can do is buy a Tuan Shan (the handheld paper fans) and if you ask the cast member at the checkout counter then they will write your name on it in Chinese!
Germany EPCOT


  • Highlight: The charm within the cobblestone plaza surrounded by traditional Bavarian buildings is something to behold. It is kind of cheating, but the food is the true highlight in my opinion.
  • Must-Try Food: Biergarten. Biergarten. Biergarten. Did I say Biergarten Restaurant? You must try to eat at this buffet style restaurant which offers bratwurst, schnitzel, or chicken with many other options, and sweets. If you are in a hurry though then swing by Sommerfest where you can grab a Bavarian jumbo pretzel and a classic German beer!
  • Unique Souvenir: Grab a cuckoo clock or even a beer stein to add to your overflowing cabinet of coffee cups and travel mugs! There is also the option of enjoying authentic German chocolate too.. who doesn’t like chocolate?


  • Highlight: The Venetian architecture is stunning and you will notice right away! The replicas of St. Mark’s Campanile and the Doge’s Palace are a must see.
  • Must-Try Food: Via Napoli! This table service restaurant is probably my favorite in all of Disney World, seriously. I have not had a bad meal here and the pizza is amazing! I have also tasted the pasta and ravioli, and I can say there is not a bad choice at Via Napoli!
  • Unique Souvenir: Take home some authentic Italian wine, a Venetian mask, or a Murano glass!

The American Adventure

  • Highlight: The American Adventure show, featuring animatronics and music that take you through U.S. history. It is a pretty cool experience, at least once.
  • Must-Try Food: Hop on over to Regal Eagle Smokehouse and try some classic American BBQ. For those of you that are not from an area where BBQ is popular then definitely make a point to swing by and grab some to try!
  • Unique Souvenir: Fill your needs of limited-edition prints, figurines, or paintings at Art of Disney. They also sell of a lot of the Disney Classic Collection!


  • Highlight: The pagoda replica of a 7th century Horyuji Temple and gardens. It is not every day that you see one of these in America. As you cross the streams be sure to keep a look out for the colorful koi fish!
  • Must-Try Food: Try some sushi from Katsura Grill or order Asakusa (steak and shrimp) at Teppan Edo, where the chefs prepare your meal right before your eyes.
  • Unique Souvenir: The Mitsukoshi Department Store is a great place to spend a lot of money. Authentic Japanese snacks, ramen, or candy are available for purchase, as well as clothing and some anime merchandise. I personally enjoy getting different ramen and trying them all.
Morocco EPCOT


  • Highlight: This is probably my favorite pavilion when it comes to architecture and layout. The winding streets and various shops make it feel like you are actually walking through a Moroccan city. Make sure you walk about the entire place, not just through the main walkway!
  • Must-Try Food: For a quick taste of the Mediterranean stop by the Tangierine Café and grab some Grilled Chermoula Chicken Kebab! It is also offered with Moroccan-Spiced Lamb which is what I prefer, but you can’t go wrong with the chicken either.
  • Unique Souvenir: Woven baskets, hats, wallets, or Moroccan inspired dresses, and more! Be aware though, this pavilion has been undergoing a lot of changes lately, so give and take.
France EPCOT


  • Highlight: Not only is the Eiffel Tower peering above the rooftops of the French inspired building cool to see, but the ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a must! I go over that ride a bit more in-depth within that link. It tends to be a fan favorite so plan accordingly!
  • Must-Try Food: If sweets are your thing then France is your spot! Head over to Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie and grab any of the sweet treats that are for purchase. Everything that I have had here has been nothing short of amazing!
  • Unique Souvenir: Purchase some strong French fragrances from Plume et Palette or some French designer bags. Souvenirs de France on the other hand sells Disney merchandise with a French twist.

United Kingdom

  • Highlight: This quaint English village’s standout feature is the live entertainment. Not only could you see a performance from a British rock band, but there are appearances from classic characters such as Mary Poppins and Alice!
  • Must-Try Food: The beer-battered Fish and Chips at Rose & Crown are the must here. This is a signature dish of Britain and they do it right here! I have had them and they are SO good! I have also heard good things about the Shepherd’s Pie, although I have never personally tried it.
  • Unique Souvenir: Consider picking up a classic British tea set from Tea Caddy Shop. The shop also offers sweets, cookies, and other memorabilia so the stop in is worth it!
Canada EPCOT

Flickr: Robert Du Bois


  • Highlight: The landscape throughout this pavilion is quite stunning. The scenes cover the Rocky Mountains to the Victoria Gardens. Personally I enjoy both the totem poles and the 30-foot waterfall that is tucked away towards the back of the pavilion. Make sure to explore it all!
  • Must-Try Food: The crown jewel Le Cellier Steakhouse is a fine dining experience. If you are looking for the best steaks in Disney World, then this is the spot you need to make time for. Truly mouth-watering!
  • Unique Souvenir: What is a visit to Canada without some authentic maple syrup products? However if you want a little bit more of a distinctive souvenir then grab a piece of Native American art. These are anything from carvings to dreamcatchers that carry a lot of cultural value!

Tips for Visiting Epcot’s World Showcase

  • To Start: Consider starting your tour of the World Showcase in the late morning or early afternoon, as most pavilions open at 11 am. If you are staying at Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, or Riviera then jump on the Disney Skyliner and get dropped off at the International Gateway and be one of the first into the World Showcase!
  • Dining Reservations: If you are aiming for any table-service restaurant, it is wise to make reservations well in advance.
  • Festivals: If you love to explore different cultures then check the calendar for EPCOT’s seasonal festivals, which often feature additional countries, specialty foods, and unique entertainment.
  • Evening Entertainment: Dance and jam out to performances at the America Gardens Theatre (calendar), or conclude your visit with the spectacular nighttime firework show on the World Showcase Lagoon.