Disney Genie

A Helpful Guide to Disney Genie and Genie+ Services at Disney World

Visiting Disney World is a dream come true for many, and with the introduction of Disney Genie and Genie+ services, this experience has been revolutionized. Kind of controversially, these innovative services replaced the former FastPass+ system, offering a more personalized and efficient way to enjoy the parks. This helpful guide provides an understanding of both services, ensuring that your visit to Disney World is as magical and streamlined as possible!

Disney Genie

Understanding Disney Genie

At the heart of Disney’s new planning tools is Disney Genie, a complimentary service integrated into the My Disney Experience app. Designed to enhance your park experience, Disney Genie helps you create a personalized itinerary that adjusts throughout the day to your preferences and real-time park conditions.

  • Personalized Itinerary: Begin by entering your favorite attractions, dining preferences, and entertainment interests into the app. Disney Genie processes this information and crafts an itinerary tailored just for you, updating dynamically as the day unfolds.
  • Forecasted Wait Times: One of the standout features of Disney Genie is its ability to forecast wait times. This tool helps you plan your day more effectively, suggesting the optimal times to visit the most popular attractions.
  • Mobile Ordering and Dining Reservations: Disney Genie seamlessly integrates with dining reservation systems and mobile order services, showing available times and allowing you to book directly through the app. This feature is a boon for visitors looking to maximize their time experiencing attractions rather than waiting in lines for food.

Introducing Genie+

While Disney Genie is free for all park guests, those looking for an even more streamlined experience can opt for Genie+, a paid service that enhances your visit with additional perks.

  • Price: The service costs approximately $15 per ticket per day at Disney World, although prices may vary slightly depending on the date of your visit. Be sure to check, do not just assume it will always be $15!
  • Lightning Lane Access: Genie+ users gain access to the Lightning Lane entrances at various attractions. This feature drastically reduces wait times, allowing you to enjoy more of what Disney World has to offer!
  • Disney PhotoPass Downloads: Another benefit of Genie+ is the inclusion of Disney PhotoPass downloads. On days when you purchase Genie+, you can download digital copies of photos and videos captured by Disney’s PhotoPass—perfect for capturing the memories of your magical day.
Disney Genie

How to Purchase and Use Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane Access

Purchasing and utilizing Genie+ and Lightning Lane accesses are straightforward but require planning to optimize your experience.

  • Purchasing Genie+:
    • You can purchase Genie+ via the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit. Simply select the theme park you will be visiting or choose the “Multiple Parks” option if you have Park Hopper passes.
    • It’s advisable to purchase Genie+ right at midnight when it becomes available due to its popularity and limited availability for some attractions.
  • Making Lightning Lane Selections:
    • Once you have purchased Genie+, you can make your first Lightning Lane selection for any participating attraction starting at 7:00 AM on the day of your visit. After using your first selection or once its time window expires, you can make another selection.
  • Individual Lightning Lane Purchases:
    • Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels, as well as those at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, Dolphin Hotel, and Shades of Green, can make their first individual Lightning Lane purchase at 7:00 AM. This option allows for the purchase of Lightning Lane access to some of the most popular attractions not included with Genie+.
    • Guests not staying at these hotels can make purchases when the park officially opens.

Tips for Maximizing Your Day with Disney Genie and Genie+

To truly make the most of Disney Genie and Genie+ services, consider these tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Familiarize yourself with the park layouts, attractions, and dining options before your trip. Knowing what’s most important for your group helps in prioritizing your Genie+ selections.
  • Utilize Early Hours: If you are eligible, take advantage of the ability to make purchases and selections starting at 7:00 AM to secure access to the most in-demand attractions.
  • Stay Flexible: Disney Genie’s itineraries update dynamically. Keep an eye on the app throughout the day to adapt your plan based on current wait times and available experiences.
  • Combine Services: Employ both the free Disney Genie service for overall planning and Genie+ for faster access to high-demand rides and attractions.
Disney Genie


The introduction of Disney Genie and Genie+ services at Disney World have brought unprecedented convenience and customization to park visits. By understanding and leveraging these tools effectively, you can minimize wait times, enjoy your favorite attractions, and create a truly unforgettable experience for everyone in your group. Prepare to navigate Disney World like a pro and make every moment!