Secret Spots in Disney World

The Best Hidden Gems and Secret Spots in Disney World Parks

Disney World is billed as an icon of attractions and magic that millions from around the world walk through each year. But behind the well-traveled paths, if one keeps a keen eye, many hidden gems and “secret” places can be discovered that few ever stumble upon. This guide is going to explore some of the very best-kept secrets of Disney World, sure to make your next visit include an unexpected touch of magic!

Secret Spots in Disney World

Discovering the Treasures of the Magic Kingdom

Tom Sawyer Island: The boat ride from Frontierland is quite a whirl, but this often-overlooked island is a quiet escape from the massive crowds. Here, mysterious caves, swinging bridges, and shaded spots, allow guests to relax against the gently lapping water and watch the river boats glide by. It’s a great place for families looking for adventures for their dangerously curious children to safely explore or to take a quiet break.

The Carousel of Progress: An attraction in Tomorrowland, here you gaze back at the nostalgic past of technological advances that history portrays over the course of the 20th century. With its cute rotating theater and interesting audio-animatronics, it is a peaceful location where one can have a sample of a little piece of Disney history. And wait times are usually pretty minimal, too, which is always a plus!

Secret Tangled Restrooms: Between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, near It’s a Small World, guests can find a small area themed to Tangled. Here are some of the most elaborately themed restrooms and hidden charging stations spotted at any theme park, not to mention a great place to get some out-of-the-ordinary pictures on the purple tree swing. At night, glowing lanterns also fill the area, making it feel truly epic!

Secret Spots in Disney World

Epcot’s Hidden Gems

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria: Sitting in the Italy Pavilion, many would consider this restaurant to be one of the best pizzerias in all of Florida! Named after Italian volcanoes, some of the most authentic Neapolitan pizzas are wood fired to ensure the very heart of Epcot has a real taste of Italy. This one is not really “hidden” however it is worth the mention as it is in the back of the Italy pavilion. Guests have to make a stop here for a meal!

The Bijutsu-kan Gallery: This is one of the galleries located in the Japan Pavilion, which features all the arts of Japan. The exhibitions keep changing over here quite often. It is simply a quiet place to enjoy beautiful works of arts and learn more about the traditions of Japan, far from the hustle of the rest of the park. Just take that moment to cool off!

Gardens of the World Tour: Offered only during the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, find out all the details about the various landscaping and gardening practices that take place within the park. For any garden enthusiast, this backstage pass is a must to uncover all of Disney’s horticulture wonders. Again, not really a hidden place, but more so a tour that is available that some guests may be unaware of. It does cost an additional fee on top of park admissions.

Secret Spots in Disney World

Hidden Scenes of Hollywood Studios

Baseline Tap House: Baseline offers the cozy feel of a pub and the nostalgia of a California brewery. It places itself well on that corner, giving it the perfect location to take a pause and have some artisanal bites in a more slowed down environment, letting your mind relax from the day’s overwhelming activity.

Walt Disney Presents: This is an easy one to pass by, as it looks like just another exhibit, but this is one not to miss! This attraction shows the history of Disney, with models of the park from the past to the future, previews of the new attractions yet to come, and occasionally, meet and greets with the characters from the newest Disney films. So, it is definitely worthwhile to pop in and see what it is all about! The air conditioning in this exhibit is worth it along, I must admit.

Secret Spots in Disney World

Animal Kingdom’s Hidden Treasures

Maharajah Jungle Trek: This is a self-guided walking trail where guests can come face to face with some of the most exotic of creatures, including tigers, bats, and birds. It is not well beaten like the other trails, but it has beautiful architecture and has numerous details of murals along the path that will give the visitor a quiet experience of the enchanting wildlife of Asia.

Nomad Lounge: Situated beside Tiffins, on the way to Pandora, this offers many kinds of international wine and spirited drinks. Outdoor seating offers views of Discovery River; it is the ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation amid the natural beauty of Animal Kingdom. Who would not enjoy that?

Tips to Uncover Hidden Gems

  • Downtime Plan: Make sure to schedule some free time for getting lost. Really, most of the great discoveries at Disney World come when you are wandering off the beaten path. It can even create some comical memories as well!
  • Ask a Cast Member: Disney’s Cast Members are a wellspring of knowledge and usually happy to share some of the more off-the-radar offerings and experiences available in the parks. Do not hesitate to ask questions, just be respectful!
  • Stay Late: Most secret gems turn into even more special places in the evening and find themselves much quieter with most guests watching parades or fireworks. This tip is also good for riding those rides that you missed out on earlier in the day because of long wait times!


While the thrills at Disney World are exciting and in great abundance, these hidden gems provide a different view of Disney World than what most people will see. From dining to quiet walking paths to history exhibits, Disney World is chock-full of surprises and surely bores deeper into one’s soul if you dare to venture beyond the paths on the map (just do not wonder into staff only sections). This adventure into the less traveled corners of the park will certainly be moments of peace and unique experiences, providing a refreshing counterpoint to the usual excitement!