Disney Dining Plan

A Quick Guide for Navigating the Disney Dining Plan

Visiting Disney World isn’t just about the attractions and characters; it’s also a culinary journey that offers a wide range of dining experiences. For guests staying at Disney Resort hotels, the Disney Dining Plan and the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan provide convenient ways to enjoy meals throughout the parks and resorts. This quick guide will help you choose the right plan and make the most out of your dining experiences during your Disney vacation!

Overview of the Disney Dining Plans

The Disney Dining Plan and the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan are prepaid meal packages that allow guests to manage their food expenses and enjoy a variety of dining options available across Disney World.

Disney Dining Plan:

  • Ideal for guests who enjoy a combination of quick and full-service dining.
  • Each guest receives per night of their stay:
  • 1 Quick-Service Meal
  • 1 Table-Service Meal
  • 1 Snack or Nonalcoholic Beverage
  • 1 Resort-Refillable Drink Mug

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan:

  • Perfect for guests who prefer the convenience and flexibility of quick-service dining.
  • Each guest receives per night of their stay:
  • 2 Quick-Service Meals
  • 1 Snack or Nonalcoholic Beverage
  • 1 Resort-Refillable Drink Mug

For example, a 4-night stay under either plan provides ample meals and snacks, which can be redeemed at any time during the stay.

Maximizing Your Dining Plan

Strategic Dining Reservations:
Advanced dining reservations are crucial for table-service meals under the Disney Dining Plan, especially for popular restaurants like Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest. Book 60 days in advance to secure your spot!

Smart Use of Credits:
Using your meal credits wisely is key. For the Disney Dining Plan, consider using table-service credits for higher-priced dinner meals to maximize potential savings. For the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan, focus on the best value quick-service restaurants that offer the most substantial meals.

Optimizing Snack Credits:
Snack credits are remarkably versatile and can be used for everything from a coffee to a gourmet treat at one of EPCOT’s festival booths. Look for high-value items to get the most out of each credit!

Disney Dining Plan

Special Considerations and Dining Experiences

Character Dining and Fine Dining:
These special dining experiences are highlights under the Disney Dining Plan, providing memorable meals with Disney characters or at upscale restaurants. Note that these may require two table-service credits, so plan accordingly.

Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages:
Each meal includes a beverage, which can be nonalcoholic or an alcoholic option for guests 21 and older, including beer, wine, or a cocktail.

Using Refillable Mugs:
Included with each plan, refillable mugs can be topped up at self-service beverage stations across Disney resorts, offering savings on drinks throughout your stay.

Pros and Cons of the Disney Dining Plans


  • Convenience: Meals are prepaid, simplifying your vacation budgeting.
  • Flexibility: With a variety of dining options available, both plans cater to different eating habits and preferences.
  • Enjoyment: Enhances the Disney experience by allowing guests to try various dining options without worrying too much about cost at each meal.


  • Cost Effectiveness: Depending on dining choices, the plans can be expensive compared to paying out-of-pocket, especially for light eaters or those who prefer smaller meals.
  • Restrictions: Some premium dining experiences require two credits, which could limit how often you use these options without supplementing with additional out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Fixed Commitment: Plans must be purchased for the entire length of the stay for all party members aged 3 and above, which may not offer flexibility for every guest’s needs.
Disney Dining Plan

Tips for Effective Use of Your Dining Plan

Monitoring Credit Usage:
Keep track of your meal and snack credits through the My Disney Experience app or by checking your receipts, which detail remaining credits.

Plan Meals According to Park Visits:
Coordinate your dining reservations and meal plans based on your park itinerary to maximize convenience and reduce travel time between dining locations and park activities. The key for maximum efficiency is to PLAN!

Consider Your Party’s Dietary Needs:
Be aware of any special dietary needs within your group. Disney restaurants are accommodating, but noting these during reservation bookings can ensure a smoother dining experience.


Whether you choose the Disney Dining Plan or the Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan, both offer valuable benefits that can enhance your experience at Disney World. By understanding each plan’s features and strategically using your credits, you can enjoy a wide range of dining experiences that add an extra layer of enjoyment to your magical Disney vacation!